I Love What I Do…

As a former attorney, I like to say I “escaped from the law” more than 20 years ago to freelance fulltime. Since then, I’ve published more than 1,400 articles in print and online publications including Family Circle, Health, Parents, Runner’s World, Continental, and NextAvenue.org, and have produced written content for agencies including MXM, StayWell, and Imagination.

I specialize in health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness subjects (I’m an ACE-certified personal trainer as well), and am passionate about providing practical, inspiring information to help people lead happier, healthier lives. I love what I do, which includes writing everything from articles and blog posts to book proposals and books, concentrating in prescriptive nonfiction, or “how-to” books. Whether I’m covering inflammation, intermittent fasting, or interval training, I’m always excited to discover something new I can share with readers—and I get to learn something new just about every day.

But my work is only part of a bigger picture. When I’m not pounding the keys of my Mac, you’re likely to find me playing 8 ball, working on my golf swing, or making time for a run. I live 20 miles west of Chicago (yup, the “burbs”) with one son, one daughter, and one very spoiled fat gray tabby cat. My favorite color is red; my favorite wine is a Pacific Northwest sauv blanc; and my favorite quote is by Truman Capote: “Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries.”