If you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter or collaborator for your book project, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Do you plan to try to sell your book to a traditional publisher (then you’ll need a book proposal), or will you be using a print-on-demand company? Do you understand the pros and cons of working with each? 

  • What is your purpose in writing the book?

  • Who is the audience for your book? (Hint: the answer is never “everyone.”) Why will readers want to buy your book?

  • What’s your timeline for your book project?  

  • What’s your ghostwriting budget? (Ghostwriters don’t work on spec, or for a portion of proceeds when the book sells. They’re paid upfront. An experienced ghostwriter may charge $40,000+ for a full manuscript, depending on the scope of the project, author involvement, and other factors. Book proposals typically cost $5,000+. If you have a manuscript or material already written that requires editing or overhauling, we can discuss an appropriate fee.)

  • Do you have material for your ghostwriter to use (like an outline or some initial chapters) or will your ghostwriter work with you to create the book from scratch? 

  • How do you plan to work with your ghostwriter? How much time do you have to devote to your book project?

  • What’s your biggest fear about publishing a book? What’s your biggest hope? What excites you the most about it?


When talking with potential ghosts/collaborators, you’ll want to ask questions like:

-What kinds of publishers have you worked with?

-What do you know about the subject of my book? Have you written about this subject before?

-How do you typically work with clients?

-Can you conduct research for me to supplement the material I provide you for the book?

-What should I know as a client before I hire you as a ghostwriter of collaborator?

-If I want to write a book but am not sure how to structure it, can you help me do that?

-What can you bring to my project?

-How will you capture my voice?

-How many books do you typically work on at a time?

-What do you think of my vision for the book?

-What do you think my best publishing path is? Why?

-How do you typically charge?